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  •  Without an ‘Online Store’
  •  Without Shopify
  •  Without Any Complicated Tools
  •  Without Any Business Skills
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  •  Without My Own Product
  •  Without Paying For Traffic
  •  Without Any Technical Experience
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But the good news is, its not too late, you still have time to collect all the money thats available for you before I take this page down...
This Secret page Might come down TODAY without notice at ANY TIME...
Because I don't want this secret method getting into the wrong hands and also because if too many people use this, it may not work as well, I'm going to pull this page down at any time TODAY, once I feel enough people have seen this...


If you leave and come back, this page may not be here anymore! if you have 7 minutes then Read Every Word On This Page As I’m About To Show You How To Change Your Money Situation From Where It Currently Is, To Start Getting Piles Of ECom Cash Into Your Bank Account TOADY With One Of The EASIEST Methods To Make Money Right NowWITHOUT Having To Pay $2,500 To Learn This Like I Did!
From: Rahim F
Location: At the pool on Vacation In Dubai!

Hey, its Rahim here and as I write this, its just 30 days since I set up this system I’m about to share with you, after learning it at a weekend workshop I attended.

And I’m typing this letter to you, while sitting here on the beach in Dubai, on a short vacation, which was paid for by my eCom Profits!

...And in the last 30 days I’ve already easily made over $10k
I Made $10,003 in 30 Days to be precise, with this SIMPLE eCom Method...
Pretty cool right?

And that was simply by giving away just ONE FREE item I don’t even own, to thousands of people through a new Free traffic source.

Little did I know I’d be sitting on over $10,000 30 days, sitting on the beach enjoying myself after I spent just a couple of hours setting this campaign up.

I've never had $10,000 in my bank account before, it feels so great.
...So If I Can Do It, You Can Too
 BUT it wasn’t long ago that I had no idea how I was going to pay my rent, put food on me and my families table, or survive more than a few more days without any money…

Maybe you have been in a similar situation?

But by using this simple eCom method I’m about to share with you, I was able to quickly turn my situation around to go from almost having to starve and live on the street, to making $10,003 in just 30 days very easily.
But before i show you how you can do the same, Let me ask you something…
  •  Are you in a situation right now where you desperately need to make more money?
  •  Have you tried every method or way there is to make more money, but not getting any results?
  •  Do you want to prove everyone wrong and show them that you actually can make money online even if they think you are weird or stupid for even trying?
  •  Have you heard about this eCom or Shopify thing and think it sounds too confusing?
  •  Or do you just want to start living life on your own terms, not have to work for anyone and be able to do whatever you want to do, with whoever you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then keep reading...
Now before I show you how this method works and how you can start getting eCom profits today...
Just try and picture yourself as me at the moment as i write this to you...
Try and picture yourself as me right now.

Sitting on the beach as I write this letter to you, just outside of the 5 star resort I’m staying at which costs $410 per night , and you’re here for the next 4 nights here in Luxurious Dubai.

Doesn’t it feel great?

Because you don't have a job anymore, you live life on your own terms.

And while you open your laptop as the sun shines down on you and you hear the waves hit the shore...

You log into your online eCom sales account, and there you see you've made $628 overnight, while you slept!

You’ve made more than one nights stay at this 5 star beach resort.

And you made money while you slept!

Pretty cool right?

AND while on vacation!

That's because, you spent less than an hour, ONCE, putting together an ‘Easy eCom Campaign’, last week which pumps out money EVERY DAY automatically by giving away a single weird item that you don't even own.

Well, That's exactly what happened to me!

And you’re getting multiple payments come into your account like this, every single day…

And the reason this works so well right now, is because…
A Lot Of Money is Being Spent Online, 
And People Will Happily Send You Money To Get The Item You Have!
The only question is, will they be giving money to you or someone else?
All YOU need to do is set up an 'Easy eCom Campaign' , position yourself in front of All These hungry buyers and  Lure them in by giving away a free item using my Free Traffic Source...
And the beauty of this system is, you don’t even need to do any selling, because you simply just give away a free item, and the money comes in…

More on that in just a moment.

Just know that...
This Is VERY EASY to do, it's all done online, automatically 
and you can have your easy ecom campaign up and rynning in 
2 hours from now, making money!
I'll give you the 6 steps to see your very first eCom profits in just a moment... but first

Although we have just met, I know we may have one thing in common..

And You may have a different reason than I do for wanting to make more money...

But You probably want a quick and easy way to make money without much effort...

Am I right?

You probably don't want to have to spend much money or any money to start seeing results

Am I right?

You want a NO RISK, guaranteed way that if you put in the effort, you'll make money

Am I Right?

Well if you're anything like me, you want things to be easy, so you can get rid of money problems you may have, any struggles you are currently facing OR to help you get things you want and need,  which you can't currently afford.

The bottom line is,  you could just do with more money...

Am I right?

Well if so, you're in luck because...
Just Imagine after reading this article, making more money This Week than you've made in the past 3 months, and without doing much 'work'...
I'm talking about Multiple eCom Payments Coming Into Your 
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Multiple $18 - $25 Payments Coming In ALL DAY LONG
Do you currently have multiple $18 - $25 payments coming into your 
account  all day every day like this? if not then you need to follow the 
6 steps i'm about to show you...
Note: I use this system to collect money with Paypal and Stripe
You can choose if you want to accept Money 
using Paypal or stripe, its up to you
...And I’ve Broken The Entire Process Down For You On This Page into 6 Simple Steps That You Can Copy, Which Takes Less Than 2 Hours To Set Up The First Time So You Can Start Getting Multiple $18 - $25 Payments TODAY  with this secret...
The Secret Is to set up An
'Easy ECom Campaign'
Which Pumps Out Cash Like Crazy...
(just like what you saw in the real verified screenshots above)
And The Reason This Works So Well Is Because...
  •  It takes less than 2 hours to set up
  •  Easy To Do
  •  You Don't Need to Do Any Selling
  •  No eCom Experience Required
  •  Uses 100% Free Traffic
  •  Beginner Friendly
  •  Get Started With No Money
  •  Uses Free Tools Online
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...So If me, a Total eCom NOOB Beginner 
With barely Any Computer Skills 
can do this, So Can YOU!
But How Can You Make Money With eCom Just By Giving Away Free Stuff?
I know it sounds crazy, to make money by giving away a free item.

Well, I’ll tell you how YOU can cash in fast on this eCom goldmine by giving away free stuff, with my simple 6 step eCom method in just a second, but here's a brief overview of how you'll make money with this...
Here's How This Works:
 the method works by you giving 
away a Weird Item for Free, which then turns into money because of something called an 
'eCom Cash Maximiser' which I'll tell 
you about in a moment...
This is a ridiculously EASY and FUN way, to start making money with eCommerce , Automatically, that’s making
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Your account could go from zero to money in less than 24 hours...
You just need the right system and tools, which I have spent time and money figuring out for you so you don't have to ,meaning you'll be able to quit your boring job in no time and Start Getting Multiple $18 - $25 Payments Into Your Account Every Day from the comfort of your own home :)
If you currently have a job and feel like you're worth more than what you get paid by the hour, it's just a matter of time till your first Easy eCom Campaign is up and running making you money, meaning it's not long until you can tell your boss to keep his job. You can fire your boss!
With This Method you can...
you can start making money as quickly as possible and improve your income simply by setting up a simple ‘Easy eCom Campaign’, giving away a FREE ITEM that makes you money...
Now I know what you are thinking
“ok i'm ready, but how does this work?
So here is a little secret that makes this all work, its called the eCom Cash Maximiser.

Here's How It Looks Like...
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
the ecom CASH MAXIMISER is the secret to making money with this method!
Now if you’ve been struggling to make any money online whether thats with eCom, Affiliate Marketing, MLM, your own product,  or anything else you’ve tried online, you’re in luck because…

Fortunately, after I paid $2,500 to attend this VIP secret eCom workshop last month, I now have the exact easy money making eCom method here for you that I am using which is proven and guaranteed to work...

..,and you can make easy money from this, no matter your what experience, in as little as a few hours from now, with the method I'm sharing with you today, which could allow you to:
  •  Pay off All Your Debts FAST
  •  Put Food On You And Your Families Table For Life
  •  Never have to worry about paying your rent or expenses each month
  • Prove to Everyone That You CAN Make Money Online 
  •  Quit Your Job
  •  Live Your Dream
  •  Join the club of ordinary people making money from home
  •  Work From Home, in a comfortable environment or anywhere you want
  •  Buy Things You've Always Wanted, To Make You Look and Feel Better
  •  Have An on Going Income Stream That Comes in Whether You Work or Not!
  •  Quickly Clear Any Depression Or Anxiety You Have About Money Worries
  •  Impress people with the things you can buy with your new found fortune
  •  And anything else you can think of which more money will help you achieve
And the reason i’m sharing this with you is because I am just so excited at the results I am getting and I know that If I can do it, so can you.

Thats because..
I Knew NOTHING About eCom, Or Even Internet Marketing before this…"
Yep, just over a month ago, this was all new to me.

I knew NOTHING about all of this.

I knew NOTHING about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, Shopify, Or anything else you may have even tried.

Actually, You probably know more than I do right now! 
You have a better advantage than me if you start this today.
All I knew was that there were people posting in Facebook groups and in Forums ‘bragging’ about all the money they’re making online.
Maybe you've seen posts like this too?

These were real people ,posting real results on Facebook so I thought to myself it must be real and if they can do it, so can I!

I knew that I deserved a better life, and to make more money by working less, so I started doing some research.

Have you ever felt like you just deserve to have a better life than you currently do?

Do you feel like money should be easier for you to get?

Well if you do, then we have something in common as that’s exactly how I felt.

How I Discovered This Method...
He posted this cool free video on his Facebook page talking about an eCom method that works without having to have your own product, without a Shopify or Online store and without wasting money on Paid traffic.

This really caught my attention.

He seemed like a pretty well known, and knowledgeable internet marketer and eCommerce expert.

I saw that a couple of months ago he spoke on stage teaching people how to set up a simple eCm system in one day and after reading the results of his students, it really caught my attention.
He said that there was only ONE seat left, and the price for the seat was $2,500!
$2,500 for me to attend this 2 day weekend workshop, would it be worth it?...
This was to spend an entire weekend with Jani and the other attendees, to start from scratch, and leave with a fully running eCom business.
Now here’s the thing, I didn’t want to start an actual 'eCom BUSINESS'...
I don’t want to run a business.

A business sounds hard and complicated.

I am not even a business minded person.

The word business that makes it sound NOT FUN.
I just wanted to make fast money on autopilot without doing much...
Actually I am willing to put in the work if i can make money, but I didn’t want to do anything complicated

Do you feel the same way?

Do you feel like you are not really a ‘business’ person but you are willing to follow steps as long as they are easy and straightforward?

If you answered yes, then read on as this is where i Realised I did not need to know anything about business to make this work…
I had 5 days to make $1650 for my rent or I'd be taken to court!
I don’t know about you but the very reason I wanted to try this out was because I was 9 days away from having to Pay my house rent, and was flat out broke.

 I couldn’t pay my rent with credit cards. So I had about 9 days to come up with $1650 to pay my rent or I’d be kicked out and even taken to court by my landlord!

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

A situation where you need to come up with some money or something bad would happen?

Its scary to think about it isn't it?

The thought that if you need to make money within a short period of time and if you don't something bad will happen.

If you been in a situation like that before, then you may know how I felt and maybe you can feel it right now too.

So because of that, I just needed to find the fastest way to make the $1650 that I needed for my rent.
I had no choice but to find the 
fastest way to make life depended on it!
Therefore,  I took the plunge, maxed out 3 credit cards and paid the price to attend the workshop.

I actually could only come up with $2,000 but Jani was kind enough to tell me I that could pay the other $500 after I make money. 

Seems like a really cool guy as he wasn’t in this just for the money, he actually wanted to help me and the other attendees. 

There are so many ‘gurus’ out there online who just want to take your money before even providing anything to you, so the fact that he gave me 45 minutes of his free time on the phone and then agreed to let me pay slightly less to attend the workshop, really gained my trust in him.

So I paid, and got my ticket to the workshop.

The great thing about it and which made me convinced it would work was that the investment also came with 4 weeks of personal coaching from Jani, which made it so much more worthwhile.
I paid $2,500 To attend this 2 day weekend workshop to learn this method, and its where my life turned around...
Here’s a photo of the workshop in action, I took the photo so you 
can't see me in it haha
I spent a whole 2 days at this workshop and by the time I left, I had my 'Easy eCom Campaign' up and running.

And to cut a long story short, within 24 hours, I was able to make $144 and within just 7 days I had enough money to pay the $1650 for my rent!
The Day After I Set Up This 
'Easy eCom Campaign' I Made $144
Now luckily for you, you won't need to pay $2,500 to attend the same workshop I did, as I'm giving you the method here so you can set it up and start seeing results TODAY.

Then after you set it up, you can just sit back, relax and watch the money roll in with ease.
Right now I’m Going To Give You The Detailed 3 Step Plan On Which You Can Use To Start Making ECom Profits TODAY By Giving Away A Free Item...
Yes, you can start using this method to make eCom sales and money starting today as people are already waiting to send you money.

This is just the start of your income shift from where it currently is , to heights you've never imagined.

Imagine what your bank account looked like right now.

Seriously, close your eyes and picture the money in your bank right now.

Got it?

Ok, now imagine that amount, coming in to your bank, every single DAY. Whatever it is. (As long as it's more than ZERO!)

What I am trying to say is, once you see multiple payments coming into your account on a daily basis, a whole new world will open up to you.

What could you do if you had double the money you make now monthly, coming into your bank account?
Would more money help you?
If the answer is no, then go somewhere else and get off this page because this will help you make more money.

This method will set you up for long term continuous sales and income.
If you answered yes, then here's exactly HOW you can.

The good news is, its not too late, you still have time!

But if you want to CASH IN with this eCom method today,  you need to to forget EVERYTHING You've been trying to do and focus on this.
What im trying to say is, you need to FORGET every other method of making money online right now, Because The Easiest Way To Make Money Starting Today is To Cash in From The online eCom Spending Spree!
Its pretty obvious right?

Why try to use any other method you have seen or heard of, when its pretty much guaranteed that you can cash in with ease, by simply positioning yourself in front of the eCom spenders!

Meaning you should...
  • FORGET 'Affiliate Marketing'
  •  FORGET 'List Building'
  •  FORGET Trying to make 'Commissions'
  •  FORGET 'Product Launches'
  •  FORGET 'Bitcoin' which you need a lot of money for
  •  FORGET 'Selling High Ticket Consulting
  •  FORGET 'Local Marketing'
  •  FORGET 'JV Zoo Commissions'
  •  FORGET 'Social Media Marketing'
  •  FORGET 'Niche Marketing'
Because You Have The Opportunity To Make A Fortune Starting Today, by giving away a free item...
And don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, I’m going to show you exactly how, in just 6 simple steps!
and which prints money all day, like this...

You simply give away a weird item as a middle man, quickly set up a ‘EASY eCom camapign’ and collect the money.

That’s really it.

And finding a hot selling product, setting up tiny little ads, putting together your Ugly eCom Cash Site, and getting Traffic to it, takes just 6 steps.

It’s as simple as that and I’ll break down the 6 steps below on this page below for you.
And all it takes is 3 simple steps
I don't care what you've tried in the past or what your experience is...

By following the steps I lay out in this system, you'll be able to start seeing results quickly.

By following what I teach you, and taking action on the steps I show you, here's an example of what you could potentially earn.
As you can see above, increasing your current income is very easy and doesn't take much time with this method.
BUT Time Is Of The Essence, If You Don’t Get In On This NOW You’ll Miss Out But The Good News Is...
you still have time!
but you need to HURRY!
Now is the right time to get in, use my method to get your own easy eCom campaign up and running TODAY, and start getting results, TODAY.
Ok so by now you know that there is a HUGE Opportutniy for you to make more money than you’ve made all year, with an easy eCom campaign.

Now you may be thinking:
"This sounds great Rahim, I now know I can make money with this eCom method, But HOW Do I get started?”
I’m glad you asked!

You see after I tested this method and got results, I shared it on Facebook and got hundreds of messages from people asking me to show them how to do it.

So instead of replying to each person, and also because it cost me $2,500 to learn this system from the workshop I attended and I wouldn't want you to have to fork out $2,500...

...I spent the past week putting together a step by step BLUEPRINT showing you the 3 steps in detail, so you can set up your own Easy eCom Campaign and see results TODAY...

Below, you can get full access to my simple 6 step method I’ve come up with, that works like a charm every time I apply it!

With that said, I’d like to introduce you to the answer to your problems, and show you how you’re going to cash out starting today...

I call this:
Quickly Cash In With Ecom TODAY By giving away free stuff,  In Just 3 Simple Steps
Inside The Easy eCom Profits Case Study You're Going To Discover:
I’m Going To Show You From Scratch, How To:
Here Are just a few reasons why this method is so easy to get started and see results with:

If you can follow SIMPLE instructions, You Can Do This... and I'll even hold your hand
3 steps is all it takes...
As you can see, the entire process from start to when you begin making money...
It takes less than 2 hours
to set up the FIRST TIME
This is the same ecom method i'm using myself to cash in with
After you’ve set it up, you just leave it, and let it run for you and make sales on autopilot.
BUT Time Is Of The Essence, If You Don’t Get In On This NOW You’ll Miss Out because i'm only letting a small group of students in today,  But The Good News Is...
You still have time!
No matter if you’ve done any kind of internet marketing, eCom or not, this is your starting point to start seeing results FAST and you have a HUGE advantage because its WAY EASIER to make money at this time of the year during the holidays!

I'm going to show you how to start set everything up and to start seeing GREAT results TODAY.

I've designed this training in an easy to follow step by step manor that even a 10 year old child can follow.

The bottom line is this - People LOVE to spend money on things online at this time of the year, and you NEED to position yourself in front of them so they give YOU money ,and lots of it!

here’s what Our REAL Test Students have to say about 
easy eCom Profits
This is the proven 
step by step eCom method
For making ecom sales and money starting today
Inside Easy eCom Profits you’re going to get to look over my shoulder as I give you the EXACT STEPS to take, to go from where you are now, to setting up a simple Easy eCom Campaign and start seeing results TODAY.
Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Today: 
The main EASY eCom Profits step by Step guide that takes you from ground zero, and takes you through every single step to go from ZERO to seeing results with your No Store Method eCom business, where you'll see results quickly by selling weird items that are easy to find and sell online.
Zero To $144 in 24 Hours And $10,003 in 30 Days Case Study Video
I've put together a bunch of video tutorials to help you along side the main PDF guide. You'll get to see over my shoulder as I explain and set the system up in front of your very eyes.

You literally just follow along as If you are right there beside me as your coach and mentor.

If you can follow simple instructions, you can do this.

In this case study you'll discover:

- The Weird Item Rahim Gave Away
- The eCom Cash Maximizer
- The Free Traffic Method Rahim Used
An EASY system for making money with eCommerce without a shopify store...
The entire Easy eCom Profits course  has been put together to be an Easy System for you to make money from eCommerce without any of the hard or technical issues that other courses make you do. 

You can be a sucess if you follow along what we teach
Now I am not bashing other courses and saying they don’t work.

But what we have here is a great entry point into eCommerce to start seeing results as soon as TODAY, without having to set up a complicated store or spend money on paid traffic.

Simply because there are millions of people waiting to send you money for weird items.

If you’ve never heard of eCommerce or you have, this is a great way to start making sales fast.

If you want to then go on and build a huge eCommerce store, then you can use the skills you’re learned here to do that. Its up to you. 

BUT This will get you seeing profits very quickly. It's something for the average guy or girl to simply start seeing results as quickly as possible.

We want to simply show you a very simple way to get your money making eCom site up TODAY without complicating things.

We’re going to simply show you how to give away ONE item, with an easy to create 'Easy eCom Campaign' that literally takes minutes to put together.
My aim is to help you make as much money as you can as fast as possible!
And just to lay it all on the line, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and make this
100% Risk Free for you!
Here’s What To Do next And how to start getting results today:
Right now, i’m releasing a limited number of copies of Easy eCom Profits to my subscribers or special viewers of this page.

If you are on here you are either a subscriber of mine or one of my close friends has shared this page with you, so you must act fast to claim your spot.

I’m kind of afraid that if too many people start doing this, it may not be as effective for you, so I’m going to limit the number of people who Get This right now.

Therefore time is of the essence.

If you leave and come back later, this page may no longer be here.

But the good news is that if the button below is still active when you click on it, then copies are still available, and you can start making money with this today.

Get Easy eCom Profits NOW For an 80% Discount Along With
5 HUGE Bonuses!
Bonus #1
LIVE case study and easy ecom campaign set up Webinar
We'll be holding a LIVE campaign set up webinar where Mr X and myself are going to show yo how to set up a money making campaign, LIVE. This is a pure content webinar which we've never done before!
Real Value - $497
Bonus #2
4 Step Hot Product Finder Method
I'm going to show you an very easy 4 step method to find a Hot Selling Product GUARANTEED.

I use this 4 step product finder to always find tiny weird items to sell and make a lot of money with.

This is a special bonus and worth $97 on its own but you get this as a FREE Bonus!
Real Value - $97
Bonus #3
Traffic Plan Of Attack
There is a specific method I use to drive traffic not only to my eCOm business, but to ANY website or business online.

Inside the Traffic Plan of Attack I break down the fundamental STRATEGY you need to follow, no matter what traffic source you are using.

I then reveal 3 Traffic Sources To Start Getting Traffic, Using The Traffic Plan of Attack.

This can be used not only for eCom, but for getting traffic to ANY website online!

This alone is a traffic course in itself which I will be releasing soon on its own for $97!
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Bonus #4
The $5million Interview with Jani G
Jani G has made over $5million online and in this secret interview, Jani reveals exactly how he went from ZERO to over $5million online. 

You'll get to learn his tips, tricks, and how you can do the same by avoiding the mistakes that he went through.
Real Value - $297
Bonus #5
Copy and Profit!
Copy and Profit is a product that Jani G released in 2016 that has changed the lives of many people.

Inside copy and profit, Jani literally gives you his money making marketing campaigns that you can literally COPY and PROFIT from!
Real Value - $197
Bonus #6
Extended Detailed By Step Tutorial Videos
I've put together an extra set of tutorial videos to show you in even more detail, everything that I show you in the Main blueprint, but in video form.

These videos are an addition to the main blueprint to give you extra help to ensure that you see results TODAY!
Real Value - $197
Bonus #7
Private Facebook Mastermind
You'll be added to our private Facebook group where you'll get to meet other members where we all share our results, tips tricks and success sotires. It's a group of like minded individuals where we cal all keep in touch and help each other succeed!
Real Value - $997 Per Year
Total Value: $2,382
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YES that's right!

You get all of the above bonuses 100% FREE when you lock in your copy of Easy eCom Profits!

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Click the button below now to secure your spot right now, (even if its 2am!)
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